Tim Farley // Executive Chef

I have a passion for all food.
The camping. The fishing. The people. Not necessarily in that order.
We are constantly donating food to non-profit events such as the Beer & Swine Festival, the Visitor Industry Charity Walk and many more. I make all that food. I’m a giver like that. 

Chel Taylor // Chef de Cuisine

My passion for pizza is the art of pizza- what it looks like before it goes in the oven, after it comes out of the oven… the aroma, the flavors… I LOVE pizza!
The seasons. Summer. Winter. Spring. Autumn. Not necessarily in that order.
I’m in a band called Alaska Thunderfunk. We play funk-rock-hip hop for Alaska and Anchortown- the gift of music!

Jessica Mailloux // Front of House Manager

Passion for Pizza: How can you not have some passion for pizza? That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.
Loves about Alaska: The people. The beauty. The endless summer sun. Not necessarily in that order.
Gives back to Alaska: Happily froze my ass off for the Special Olympics Polar Plunge! 

Nikalus Sawatzky // Cellar Master & Beverage Manager

If you look at my waistline, you can see the passion I have for pizza and beer. Not necessarily in that order.
Alaska? I live in Anchorage.
I provide some of the best beer this state has to offer for the hard working citizens of Alaska to enjoy. Actually, I provide it for the ones who don’t work that hard too.

Pete Burns // General Manager & “Head Dishwasher”

Passion for Pizza: Fat kids like me sure do love pizza. Going to college on the East Coast started my addiction to the Italian masterpiece, at least the Americanization of it….ha ha!
Loves about Alaska: The people and never knowing who you’re gonna’ meet or what their story is. Everyone here seems to have a unique story- you just have to listen. I’m not a hippie or anything, but Crosby Stills & Nash had a song about the Southern Cross constellation that could easily apply to Alaska. Once you see it, you’ll never see things the same way again.
Gives back to Alaska: I harass the food service industry people from job to job. You’re welcome. 

Susynn Snyder (Nickname: Suz) // Promotions Manager

Passion for Pizza: Pizza might be my favorite food in life!! It’s just so versatile- the toppings, the different sauces, the cheese varieties- the possibilities are endless. Growing up, Friday night was “pizza night” and the only night I got to drink soda. I looked forward to it all week. These days, my son and I still carry on the Friday night tradition. One day I hope he embraces that this one special food can be the bond that carries through generations of families and he’ll make Friday night “pizza night” with his own family.
Loves about Alaska: I love the people. The scenery and outdoor adventures are great, but I think the people in Alaska are the nicest in the country! Having been born and raised here, I’m a little biased. As all true Alaskans know, we wear that badge with a lot of pride.
Gives back to Alaska: I’m a huge supporter of Fur Rondy and have volunteered in some capacity since 2010. As an Alaskan who has gone to see the snow sculptures since before I can even remember, witnessing the Fur Rondy Festival nearly go bankrupt and end forever was the point when I decided that I needed to get involved. I support the Rondy by going to events, volunteering and even sitting on the marketing board.

Salina Harwood // Marketing/Promotions & Advertising

Passion for Pizza + Pool: My family had a pool table growing up and my brothers (whom I constantly followed, idolized and emulated) and I always played. As far as passion for pizza, well…who doesn’t have a passion for pizza? Tell me, WHO?!?
Loves about Alaska: I was born and raised here, and I’m proud to call it home, but being Alaska-grown means my love for this place fluctuates almost as much as the temperature (sometimes just because of it?). Even so, this place keeps me on my toes and there’s never a shortage of adventure and shenanigans to get into.
Gives back to Alaska: My contribution? That I ride a motorcycle? Ha ha! Actually, I also manage the terrain park at Hilltop (a non profit). We hold rail jams and give the kids fun things to progress on in the park. It’s a great community to support since Alaska youth thrive on outdoor activities and winter sports. Plus, snowboarding is such a love of mine. Can I mention that I also ride for our local shop, the AK Boardroom, which is my favorite little family to be a part of? No? Too bad, I just did!


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