There’s no better way to get in a groove or set the mood than by listening to awesome tunes. Music is the ingredient that can take your game and your party to a higher level. That’s why Flattop offers a myriad of music options. From creating a custom playlist of your favorites on our digital jukebox to jamming to our DJ’s mixes, you can experience the full music spectrum. Please exercise restraint when using the pool cues as air guitars.


Two turntables and a slice of za!

DJ Spencer Lee
Friday & Saturday 9PM - 1AM

DJ Spencer Lee established his rep by moving crowds with creative selections, precise mixing and party rocking instincts. His jams will up your pool game, enhance your meal and rock your party.


TouchTunes = YourTunes

Flattop features the TouchTunes digital music service. Just download the app for Apple or Android. Set up an account, add a credit card and you’re ready to be the DJ. The app acts as a remote jukebox allowing you to search songs and play the music from your mobile phone, from wherever you are. The service works at over 60,000 bars and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. You can even pay extra credits to bump your song to the front of the line.




Something Every Night

From pub runs to service industry night, we have something going on every night of the week.